Top 5 thriller movies of 2017

A good thriller movie can keep you at the edge of your seat and your eyes wide open for the whole movie minutes. Half of the year is already gone, and 2017 is packed with awesome thriller movies. Till date, the movies that have been released are quite superb, and the trailers for the upcoming movies are thrilling.  So here is the list of the top thriller movies of 2017 that has been released so far.

  1. Get Out – This year’s horror movie Get Out is one of the most exciting twisted movies on the subject of racism where an African-American is surrounded by his white girlfriend and his family for a weekend getaway at their rural estate. Chris- the protagonist, finds himself feeling more and more distressed. Everything around him starts making him feel suspicious, and that something is scarily amiss. The film has an unexpected climatic turn which is cleverly executed. The climax is indebted to the movies like The Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s baby and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  2. Lost City of Z –This movie looks at the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett as he goes on a journey to locate a lost South American civilisation which he believes is an advanced civilisation. This film is an takes us into the fascinating period filled with great adventure of wild madness depicting human’s perseverance. It also depicts social critique about class and intolerance. It is one of the finest films of the year.
  3. Alien: Covenant – The director of the movie Ridley Scott brings out a biblically scaled interstellar horror. Taking place on the remote planet, members of a colony ship- Covenant discovers a place what they believe is an unexplored paradise. In that place, they met a survivor of a wrecked Prometheus expedition. Everything soon starts seeming doomed when alien life form appears in a big number, and they began their fight for survival.
  4. John Wick: Chapter 2 – John Wick is a retired super assassin now whose plan is to live a quiet civilian life, but his plans are disturbed when some Italian gangsters’ turns up at his door step with a gold marker asking him to repay a past favour. He is forced back to action with the plot to seize control of an international Assassin’s guild, so he travels to Rome to face off some of the deadliest killers. This movie manages to thrill through the use of masterful frenzied firearm usage and flying bullets which made it so much fun
  5. Logan –This movie not just brings out the violence of Logan, but there is also a solid, mature story. Set in 2029 where mutants are a rare specimen, Logan Is located in hiding in a remote area in Texas failing to heal like how he did before. His life is turned when he is tangled by the arrival of a young girl with whom he shares a mysterious connection, and the girl is wanted by some mercenaries. It is more like a survivalist thriller than a comic-book superhero film.

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