Superman vs. Batman: The Ultimate Comparison

Superman versus Batman -there has always been a comparison between the two oldest DC comic book Superheroes. Both Superman and Batman were created in the 1930s.  While Batman if from Earth itself and has no inherent super power but still has a collection of some awesome gear and saves the people,  Superman, on the other hand, is a Kryptonian from the planet Krypton who uses his powers to save the people in trouble.

On August 3, DC Comics started a comic book which looks at the relationship between Superman and Batman who are very different but join forces as they both have to do the needful and eradicate evil doers.

This article will be another comparison between the two. Firstly their commonalities-

  1. Both male
  2. Both have a very high intellectual capabilities-a genius
  3. Both have good physique-in top shape both physically and mentally

Their differences: Their basic differences lie in their abilities and the way they fight crime.

Here is a list of Batman’s abilities-

Abilities: One of the smartest in the comic world, Master in military combat and a master of stealth, an acrobat, a detective, an escapologist, a good strategist, a tactician, uses awesome high tech equipment-weapons-armors, owns a super Bat mobile.

Here is a list of Superman’s abilities-

Abilities: Like a god with super strength, speed, endurance and can heal super quickly, invulnerability to almost anything except Kryptonite, photographic memory, some sensory powers, heat vision and of course flight.

Superman has developed his way of justice and meeting them out. He does not go hunting down villains, but instead, he stands back, observes and then reacts to the situation, the threat or the crisis that arises. He goes around to those that call for him or those who need him. His primary aim is to protect the lives of the innocent or anyone at all who are in immediate danger. He takes the threat at hand only after he ensure that the people around are safe and sound

While in contrast, Batman’s delivers his way of justice. His way of justice is that he hunts the villains and takes them out before they can do harm. His way is the proactive way.   Batman being gifted with intelligence is more like a detective; he uses his detective ways and his high tech recourse to track down the evil doers.

They are both very different than even their alter ego is far apart- while one is a billionaire the other is a news reporter.

While the two are very different from each other, comparing them both is like comparing a fruit and a vegetable.  They are both superb, but they are very different to be even compared in the first place. Their very being is different. Am not saying that since Superman has his super powers- he is better. There is no ground level to compare them both. Different origin and the only similar thing is that they are both there to fight crime and protect.

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