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MİMARLIK BÖLÜMÜ ZORUNLU DERSLERİ 1. This course introduces students free hand drawing and to describe how to make architectural sketches. İLETİŞİM BİLİMLERİ ANABİLİM DALI Yüksek Lisans Dersleri Ve İçerikleri . Photoshop, Freehand, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress grafik programlarında uygulamalı. Computer Literary 1. BMEEPAGGIO1. Engineerime Sciences. EMETETOP Geometrical Consruction 1. BMEEPAGGI. Freehand Drawing 1. BMEEPRAGION.

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Yüksek Lisans Dersleri ve İçerikleri

The main focus of this course is on the contextual interpretation of design problem within a technological context which consists of tectonic, structural, accessibility and sustainability aspects. It includes the theoretical study of the primary concepts of architectural knowledge, principally on architectural form, structure, function and context. This studio course is the introductory course for the design studios.

Force vectors, equivalent force systems, free body diagrams, support reactions, analysis of planar trusses, analysis of beams, shear force, bending moment and axial force diagrams, centroids and moment of inertia of sections, stress and strain, axial stress, shear stress, bending stress, combined stress effects.

In ARCH the students are expected to complete their summer practice in a building site, which is close to the completion with all the finishing applications and built in furniture in progress.

This course is the second phase of the series of the computer aided design courses based on a total comprehension of architectural drawing, modeling and representation by computer aided design applications in pursuit of a contemporary means of architectural design and representation at the end.

Reporting for televisions by advanced Technologies; techniques of topic choice, evaluating, research and type, preparing visual news; ethics on preparing visual news; importance of mass communication law; journalism techniques on internet; rules for reportage on visual media. This is the third studio in the Architectural Design Studio series, which totals six studios in all. This is the fourth studio in the Architectural Design Studio series, which totals 6 studios in all.

The main techniques of persuasion using in political communication will be examined in this course.


ZORUNLU DERSLER – Mimarlık Bölümü

Characteristics of modern society. It involves exercises to give the principles of three dimensional, pictorial drawing techniques, and perspective drawings one point perspective and two points perspective. This is an undergraduate course which aims to develop the basic skills for 3D architectural rendering and 2D architectural visualization and illustration using one or more computer aided design software.

Socio-cultural life in period of one-party.

The architectural programming is moderate and small-scale. ILT Human Resources and Communication Management Strategic human resource management, globalization, performance evaluation, training, motivation of employees, compensation techniques, issues such as change management will be handled within the scope dersleru the course.

The definition, history and the types of semiotics, terms about semiotics, art and semiotics in postmodern contemporary world, the semiotic analysis method, the relations of radio television, cinema, internet and semiotics.

The courses deals dreehand urban design as an operative field at the intersection of planning and design from political, freeand and social planning and development to spatial interventions in urban scale to produce a generative urban space for the derxleri.

Cultural modernization processes in Ottoman: The history of documentary cinema films; analyzing the films analytically and critically; critical perspectives about history of documentary film making in different cultural, political and social environments. Introductory use of computer software for structural analysis. In this course, cultural studies approach is introduced in the framework of its intellectual roots and influential thinkers; mass communication and culture, mass culture, popular culture, the commodification of culture, gender and subcultures are discussed.

This course aims to approach to the social media with sociological perspective, in the course; historical and social development of social media, individual and social effects cersleri social media, significance of social media in social change, the identity strategies of social media users, various sociological causes of social media usage, organization in social media and social movemnets, forms of social representation in social media, social media and politics, surveillance and privacy in social media, ethical issues in social media will be investigated.


This course introduces students to architectural drawing techniques in proper scales. Producing architectural drawings and modelings in different scales in computer aided software forms the essential part of the course.


Considering the political mainstream and critical dimensions of communication in the process of historical development, present and evaluate research on political communication methods and freeand.

Critical analysis of approaches an mass culture; content analysis according to media studies; discourse analysis, semiotics, psychological analysis, methodology and techniques in research projects. This is the sixth studio in the Architectural Design Studio series, which totals 6 studios in all. In addition the relationship between periods and directors will be evaluated and the perspectives of the new generation directors on Turkish cinema will be emphasized.

ARCH is the introductory level course for the possible forthcoming courses concerning the issues of heritage conservation and architectural restoration. The wrong choices of, misunderstandings of symbols, wrong interpretations of language actions. In ARCH students are expected to get information about cultural heritage, understand the meaning and importance derslrei architectural heritage with respect to the values of them.

The cersleri will deal with architecture and built freehabd within a contextual frame. The drawing equipment, materials and techniques are introduced to students via this course. This course covers art and architecture of the 20th and 21th centuries as exemplified especially in Europe and USA. Consumer society and media relations will be discussed in the framework of media products.

Definition of the freeuand, its development and analysis of its elements, functions, and corresponding physical form. American Pragmatists, Frankfurt Ecole Critical Theory; reflection of postmodern critics on television and cinema, such as Richard Hoggard and Raymond Williams from Birmingham Scholl, postmodern situations; critics of the concepts as popular culture, globalization.

It aims to bring the students of architecture in the basic information and tools for 2D architectural drawing and 3D architectural modeling by a comprehension of the basic rules for a computer aided orthographic composition and 3D representation of the architectural design projects.