Daniel Craig as James Bond

The evolution of James Bond 

There have been more than 20 James Bond movies over the last 50 years. It means that 2 generations had a chance to grow up with these movies, and it is something that not many franchises can be proud of. There have been a lot of different actors playing the main character, dozens of plotlines, and the movies still manage to make the audiences grasp onto their chairs. That is why today we will look into the most famous and well-known movies, scenes and actors of this never-ending franchise. Moreover, there will be one more movie quite soon… 

The beginning 


It all started in 1962 when Sean Connery played the role of James Bond, also known as agent 007. It was actually based on a novel by Ian Flemming which had the same name. The major part of the plot was that one of the main people of the British Intelligence was killed in Jamaica and Bond had to go there to investigate the situation. This was a very successful movie, and it even started the whole new era of movies about secret agents which was very popular in the 60s. This is how the whole famous franchise started. It is safe to say that no one could have known that James Bond movies would be popular even 50 years later. Sean Connery ended up being the main character in 7 Bond movies. 

The legend 


Moving on a few decades we can find the famous actor Pierce Brosnan as the legendary James Bond. He was the agent 007 in four movies. His fourth and last movie Die Another Day which was released in 2002, was a great success. Brosnan had so many wild stunts that even the most serious critic would have to grab the sides of his chair during the movie. The actor made sure that this movie would be remembered for many years after its release day. The actress Halle Berry was a great addition to this movie and once again proved her acting skills.  

The one that kids grew up with 


However, the younger generation probably thinks of Daniel Craig when James Bond comes to their mind. It is not surprising. Casino Royale, which was released in 2006, is sometimes said to be the best James Bond movie. You can disagree with it being number one, but it is almost impossible to disagree with the fact that it is good. Daniel Craig’s Bond is very intelligent, precise, and sometimes even cruel. The casino scenes of this movie actually created a new wave of interest in casino games.  

Some fans started learning the rules and then went to actual casinos, while some preferred to choose the online option. The latter is actually quite easy to get into because you can find casinos which provide a pay by phone bill. The scene where James Bond had to play cards against the criminal was definitely remembered by the audience for a long time. It is amazing to see how a movie can have such an impact.  

The future 


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Now let’s talk a little bit about the newest addition to the franchise. There will be a new James Bond movie in 2019, and it is called Bond 25. It is safe to say that Daniel Craig will be playing the main character again, but the rest of the crew is still unknown. It will be the 25th James Bond movie (hence the title), and the fans are expecting a lot from it. Daniel Craig has already proved himself as an amazing agent 007, so now the audience is ready for another blockbuster.  

James Bond franchise has become more than just a set of movies. Kids can talk to their parents and grandparents about this character and everyone will be able to get involved. James Bond is one of the few characters which had stayed relevant for more than 50 years. It seems that this is not yet the end for the franchise because there are more and more movies every few years. The surprising part is that they are actually good and worth praising. Let’s hope that the movie Bond 25 will also be a success. 

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