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Get Creative Creative GigaWorks S Technology Speaker System User Manual. Get all Creative manuals!. User manual for the device Creative GigaWorks S Online user manual database. Second Creative GigaWorks S speaker comes in for repair Usually a parts list is available with the repair manual, however, we don’t.

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For the top layer, scrape a bit of solder resist off to near the hole expose some fresh copper has to be shiny. I will try to remove glue with hot air.

I did find a bad cap c40 on the amp board across the uf v electrolytic and sent for caps to replace the two c40 ceramics and the both of the electrolytics.

I believe you were looking for C7 replacement. This diode is in the primary high voltage section! Just change all those 85C capacitors to ones rated for higher temperatures, such as C ones as shown in my guide here. Got it, continue to print.

Creative GigaWorks S : Technology Speaker System User Manual

Of course copper braid works fine if you are careful to not drag the pad rceative the board. Feb 22 Just replace what is required, and highly recommend replacing all those CapXon and Su’scon brand capacitors even if they still look good.

Cheers Rod Seems to be common to see this model with lots of problems.

Wij controleren de vraag en zonodig wordt deze verwijderd. Example of real word usage Jan 31 That Panasonic TS-ED series actual datasheet here has the best specifications among all, with ripple current handling of mA Hz while the rest of the field have around mA to mA ripple current handling only at Hz.

SAFETY CHECK – Upon completion of any service or S system during a lightning storm, or when it is left repairs to the GigaWorks S system, ask the service unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug technician to perform safety checks to determine that it from the wall outlet.

  IC 74LS04 PDF

Make sure you have a soldering iron of sufficient wattage minimum of 40W, recommended at least 60W or higher because this is a double sided PCB. Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. See attached photo of the connector. By the way, what was wrong with it? Thanks This post has been edited by kenn Bare copper can be covered by using a non conductive acrylic to prevent corrosion.

Creative S Service Manual – transferseven

All capacitors from power board was checked with a ESR Meter and is it ok. Anyway some of those resistors mentioned are simply 0R zero Ohm links such as R31 and R10 thus your measurement could be off due to the error offset on your meter. I wonder if there is something wrong or it’s normal behavior but the “L” type cooler on the power board the one near big capacitors is extremely hot even when i listen the music on low volume.

Those are not really resistors. First af all, I am very thankful to you for this thread.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Apr 2 After looking up this model, looks to be quite a complex speaker system even has custom software to remote control it. Your meter can be seriously damaged if you attempt to measure voltage with the selector in the range for resistance, and if the range is too low for the current or voltage you are measuring.

Oct 17 Als u geen email heeft ontvangen, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk crfative verkeerd emailadres s705 of is uw mailbox te vol. Anyway, without your help, it couldn’t be done, cheers!

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy or Live! That’s right, read, trace and understand the connections I from Ukraine, sorry for my English. Removal of failed components and cleaning up degraded glue All the failed components those big CapXon HP series capacitors and blown diode were removed and degraded glue cleaned up.


Is it the power supply? Usually if you find e750 ceramic capacitor in parallel with it then its one way which some manufacturers cut cost. I tried use solder sucker, didn’t work very well, so basically I just melt the solder and then pull out caps by force. Hard to say until examined closely the internals I’ve had another one repaired not long ago. Mar 19 This is for your security. Hi Lex, all, Thanks for amazing tutorial.

And when I got the power board back, it’s missing some components, I guess the guy didn’t put them back. Just monitor the base of the transistor. You are clearly a legend and have a lot of knowledge. The problem was from the beginning, 4 years ago, but not agresive like now.

Seems to be common to see this model with lots of problems. Mar 1 Ik hoor geen geluid maar ik zie wel dat de speakers werken. The speakers are connected properly.

To everyone having the typical problems with the Gigaworks S I suggest that you work on the main power supply first, and if it has not been worked on before I recommend that you start by replacing all electrolytic capacitors, then clean up the degraded darker colored glue as described in the previous posts.

You can probably get all of these at www. Are those counterfeit capacitors? Majual believe these caps I am replacing may be part of your problem gigawirks well.