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Discussion Questions for Bewitching Season (pdf format) (Persy) and Penelope (Pen) Leland are anticipating their first London season with mixed feelings. Chapter One. April –Mage’s Tutterow, Hampshire, England. “My God, Persy, you killed him!” “I did not!” the Honourable Persephone Leland snapped back. Betraying Season. Henry Holt Books for Young Readers/Square Fish Paperback $ ($ CAN) ISBN Read an excerpt.

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They just skip it.

Lady Keating wants to help introduce Pen into society in Ireland, and invites her to tea. After nearly running over Pen with her carriage Lady Keating seems to have adopted her as almost a pet.

Even if it were a standalone book, it just doesn’t work; there’s simply no magic at all. There was a great blend of magic, romance, intrigue, and mystery with some I enjoyed this installation in the Leland Sisters series just as much as the first. Friendship, honesty, honour and courage are all give “A good book to pick up for several hours of enjoyable escape”.

After her twin sister saved Princess now Queen Victoria from a dastardly magical plot, the Honorable Miss Penelope Leland realizes that she must dedicate herself to her magical studies if she is ever to become as gifted a witch as Persephone.

I adored the first book in this series, Bewitching Season, for its fairy-tale like magic and romance. I try to write to stories I most enjoy reading I also think the book doesn’t significantly explain Regency terms or phrases. The conflict wasn’t too unique – someone gets kidnapped, girls try to save kidnapee and uncover larger more serious situation.

So I have to knock it down a star for pure stupidity. My fondness for all things Jane Austen endears this time period to me. The premise is such fun, the writing and character development need work.


Betraying Season (Leland Sisters, #2) by Marissa Doyle

I know most of the words on the Regency Lexicon webs Set in Regency England, this book follows twin witches Penelope and Persephone as they embark on their first Season. This charming mix of eeason in nineteenth century England. Secondly, there was absolutely no character development- none!

Also — Persephone and Penelope are lovely names and I would much prefer the author called them by their real names. I think if it had taken place in a fictional place then the magic element could have been used a lot more. Niall doesn’t examine his mother’s plans too closely, ostensibly because he Betraying Season is as frustrating as Bewitching Seasonbut I thought the more confident of the two Leland sisters might provide a more compelling narrative.

That just didn’t work for me. Doyle uses the new setting of Ireland well, capturing and beautifully portraying how its customs and deason are different from those of the London Pen is from.

Nonetheless, I give only 3 stars because I think that Marissa Doyle should give us here also a love story for Pen or make the book a little shorter. She’s an entertaining main character, although she does tend to be a little annoying at times.

It seemed to me, too, that most of the time all he was focusing on was that he had to sleep with Pen in order to save her. Anyone who liked Bewitching Season will not be disappointed.

The main problem that us readers face is the suspension of disbelief. After their magic instructing governess xoyle kidnapped, the two begin to investigate her disappearance, while also dealing with the social obligations of the ton.

And that was not acceptable. In this way I view her as a magissa Norma Bates character, because she’s trying to do what’s best for her son but in the only way she knows how. Recommended for female teens and pre-teens looking for a fun, light read. This Victorian fantasy combination was a bit disappointing because the sensuality went a bit far, with the love interest trying to seduce the magic wielding protagonist so she can’t unwittingly participate in his mother’s plot against Queen Victoria.


Betraying Season

She loves all thoughts that have to do with future maridsa and possible husbands. What it is is that we get to see Pen’s struggle as she tries to change, as she tries to do better, to be better, and this is a struggle which we can all relate to. Niall is no less charming and attentive. Penelope is extremely excited about making her debut into London society, but Persephone would rather continue studying magic.

Carrighar warns Pen from Mrs. Not R rated, but definitely PG13 matissa.

But as a light, enjoyable story it was worth my time. Furthermore, the Irishman who ends up with another main character annoyed me to no end with his excuses for his behavior and I was most disappo I did enjoy the alternate Regency England that Doyle created, but I found the “romance” side of the story sorely lacking, with a weak hero and an often overly weak-willed heroine.

In London, most girls have qualms about their first season.

Sort of the poor man’s “Sorcery and Cecelia”. I thought this book was extremely refreshing after all the trash I have been reading. Most importantly, though, Pen mourned the loss of the Triple Goddess–and of Lady Keating’s favour–a lot more than seemed appropriate, given that they would’ve come at the cost of her friend’s seasoj.

However, the characters are still horrible.