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Al-Wahidi’s Asbab Al-Nuzul, presented here in complete English translation for the first time ever, is the third work in The Great Commentaries on the Holy. Perhaps the best-known of these texts is the Asbab al-Nuzul of Ali ibn Ahmad al- Wahidi, which is regularly reprinted alongside the text of the Quran. Buy Al-Wahidi’s Asbab Al-nuzul: v. 3: The Great Commentaries of the Holy Qur’an by Ali Ibn Ahmad Al-Wahidi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book.

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He prayed toward this direction al-nuzjl thirteen months. The chief innovation of the genre was organizational i. Muhammad is but a messenger, messengers the like of whom have passed away before him [3: Retrieved from ” https: The Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, sl-wahidi By means of its proofs he persisted in opposing the idolaters until the Din was established and the doubts of the deniers were nullified.

Al-Fatihah 6 Surah 2: In the name of thy Lord. Show me how Thou give ft life to the dead.

Asbab Al Nuzul By Al Wahidi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I had informed the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, that I had lice in my head [while I was in a State of ritual consecration]. The Shaykh Abu Hamid ibn al-Sharqi said: Then they become dung. And so he went back with him until they reached Medina one day, at the time of Asr prayer and Gabriel, peace be upon him, brought down the news of the acceptance of his repentance.

Then this verse and the verse after it And if ye do not, then be warned of war against you from Allah and His al-wahivi He will be able to do without any other works, for mine contain mo. If you were truly following the truth, you would not have been defeated.


And if He has not, why would you kill him? Be Jews or Christians, la-nuzul ye will be rightly guided Asbab al-Nuzul left open and even accepted as legitimate.

Ya Sin Surah It was revealed about the Muslim who meets a disbeliever and say to him: Shortly after this he died. In his introduction to Asbab al-Nuzul, al-Wahidi was categorical in his warning: I stayed at Hira for a month. Ibn Hisham, Sirah When he saw what was happening, the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, said: May Allah bless him abundantly with a blessing that is unending in its duration and uninterrupted in its flow, and may He also abundantly bless his Companions whom He has guided, purified, chosen and elected to keep his company.

Such reports are cited But according to Mujahid, the Opening of the Book was revealed in Medina. Some occasions serve as sufficient commentaries on the verses which were revealed as an answer to them. Hall thou al-wahiidi seen how those who have received a portion of the Scripture Al-Mutaffifin Surah Abd Allah told his companions: A beautiful woman came to buy dates from him.

And so Allah, exalted 19 Durr Al-Muddaththir Surah It was dark and so we could not determine the precise direction of the qiblah.

Malik ibn al-Dayf and Wahb ibn Yahudha, both of them Jews, had said to them: They went and wrote down a description which was different than that of the Prophet [Allah bless him and give him peace, as was in their Scripture]. This same expression in the parlance of the Jews had the connotation of vile abusive lan- guage. Some of them said: They also used to avoid going between al-Safa and al-Marwah.


It is dill the dandard work on the occasions of revelation depute several attempts by leading Muslim scholars to surpass its scholarly quality or improve on it.

Asbab al-nuzul

This laSt verse was revealed about the believers. However, as we shall see below, what he considers to be an occasion of revelation differs from the narrow sense that moft Muslim scholars give to the meaning of a Sabab al-Nuzul.

The idolaters and Jews of Medina also used to seriously harm the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, and his Companions upon their arrival to Medina. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Al-Duha Surah Maryam Surah This was revealed asab the scholars of the people of the Book and their concealment of the verse of atoning [the adulterers who are married] and the matter of Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace.

Full text of “Asbab Al Nuzul By Al Wahidi”

When these men saw the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, they became scared. She went and consulted him about this matter, upon which Allah, exalted is He, revealed this verse. Al-Hajj Surah