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Harken Catalog Almanaque Náutico Worldwide Limited Warranty COVERAGE. HARKEN® warrants that each HARKEN product, when. 16/01/ Almanaque Náutico – Nautical Almanac Adaptación de a (incluye UTC-TAI = s a partir del 01/julio/) y más. Almanaque Náutico – Nautical Almanac. (Sun: Declination EoT) ·

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Feira de Santana, BA Carreira: Many tables of interest to astronomers rather than seagoing navigators from this date.

Campos Novos, SC Carreira: For this year there is a large explanatory section detailing the astronomical calculations, similar in many ways to the later ‘Explanatory Supplement’.

Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

The star numbers are not considered permanent and stars shift on the list due to additions and also precession. Novo Hamburgo, RS Carreira: Barra Bonita, SP Carreira: Bautico, PR Outros Clubes: A few other star names have been added to replace stars previously given by Bayer designations only Epsilon Argus becomes Avior.

Beginning of publication of the French “Ephemerides Nautiques” [possibly without this title], designed for mariners, alongside the astronomically-oriented “Connaissance des Temps”. A correct and easy method of clearing the lunar distance.

NavList: Re: History of the Nautical Almanac ()

Two practical rules for reducing lunar distances. Yachtsman’s Edition” is renamed “The Nautical Almanac: Baixa Grande, BA Carreira: A minor revision, irrelevant to practical navigation, is made to the refraction tables of the NA which had been fixed and unchanging for nearly fifty years.


Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ Carreira: Like the official British printing of the Nautical Almanac and unlike the American printingthis privately published edition has a blue paperback binding and includes advertisements.

An easy method of finding the latitude and time nuatico sea using the altitude observations from a lunar distance observation.

Quem é Quem? Atlético (PR) | Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

Rio Branco, AC Carreira: Arroio dos Ratos, RS Carreira: From first publication, this volume was separate from the German astronomers’ almanac, so, unlike the British, American, and Spanish almanacs, there was no need to spin off a separate mariners’ almanac in later decades. Barra Mansa, RJ Carreira: Esse site utiliza cookies. Dom Pedrito, RS Carreira: Mariners used various extracts and shortened publications like the “Abridged Nautical Almanac” and the “American Nautical Almanac”.

Comercial PR a The star numbers are now considered permanent and will not be renumbered as precession changes their order by right ascension. Ponta Grossa, PR Carreira: Caxias do Sul, RS Carreira: Rio Preto, SP Carreira: Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances same as Planet distances and “PL difference” added to lunars tables.

Para saber mais, inclusive sobre como nautkco os cookies, consulte aqui: Porto Alegre, RS Carreira: A practical method of computing the latitude. Duque de Caxias, RJ Carreira: Beginning of close international cooperation among the almanac offices of the US, Britain, France, Germany, and Spain. Canoinhas, SC Outros Clubes: Its relevance to celestial navigation at sea was limited until later in the 18th century.


Curitiba, PR Outros Clubes: Senhor do Bonfim, BA Carreira: Blunt’s edition began in and continued at least as late as An easy method of correcting the lunar distance for the oblateness of the Earth. 2021 revisions to the AmNA.

The almanac was published by the Board of Longitude under the personal direction of Nevil Maskelyne. Zlmanaque Redonda, RJ Carreira: Other countries began publishing almanacs for use by aviators in the late s.

The history of the English-language Nautical Almanacs can be viewed as the story of two publications becoming four, and nauticl four later merging to become two again. Campina Verde, MG Carreira: Porto da Folha, SE Carreira: Santos, SP Outros Clubes: Included lunar distance tables for Sun-Moon lunars only.