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Documents, presets, manuals A/DA MicroTube – Audiofanzine. ADA Microtube manual version 1 · Add another file. Download ADA MICROTUBE SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Search service manuals database ADA-Microtubeschematics_: Full Text Matches – Check >>. Found in: file name (4). ADA-Microtubeschematics_.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: Will post pics later.

I do not regret the purchase! Now experiment just a little with some of the amp block parameters tube hardness, Triode Micdotube Freq, Hi Cut and Low Cut this will really help tune the model. What an amazing feature and it made my tone about a times better.

Just modeled my V30 warhead cab and mcrotube a whole new world new. Does anyone know if that’s still active? Sep 19, Messages: So I need some advice.

ADA Power Amps (Teach Me About Rack Power Amps) –

Turned out to be one that of the extension jacks the serial one had been all f’d up by the previous owner, and the contact point that says “this jack is not in use” wasn’t making contact. My decade-long setup has daa a Jazzmaster into a big ol’ pedalboard Rats, gnarly fuzzes, late ’80s reverbs into a nice big tubey silverface Fender 4×10 combo set to super-clean.


The basic default values on the amp block are pretty spot on, for me it’s just little tweaks in the advanced features. Jun 20, Messages: Apr 11, Messages: It’s pretty much exactly what I expected. Please steer my garage-rockin’ gorilla brain into the high-tech world beyond loud combos and fuzz pedals.

The manual is clear and precise, it can be found on adadepot. They’re the “standard” version, not the “vintage” model.

After that, micrltube seemed to make kanual lot more sense. Seems like there’s some info out there on ADA Depot.

The IR modeling is the goods. Looking at these connections on the MT, however: I know digital amps are one exception. I can’t even see when the posts are from.

Can anyone elaborate in an exceptionally simplistic way for me as to how the two may differ in practical usage? Jan 18, Messages: I often find myself liking the misuse of high-tech ’80s shredder gear in the service of post-punk music “Disintegration”, shoegaze, etc.

But it’s perfect for that part of me that loves shoegaze, ’90s punk that Marshall-ish soundand textural ambient stuff. You can write in English language into the forum mamual only in Hungarian! It’s not like a POD at all and it is more difficult but, once you get use to it, you wont turn back.


You are here at the invitation and discretion of the owners. It does not alter my preamp Mesa Studio preampthe sound is excellent even if ara is not full Mesa and I do not suffer when it should be trinballer and change the lights inside.

Our members also liked: So, I busted my butt to the other one, now under scheulde constraints. Good luck to the repair! I thought I’d microtub a pic, but the lighting in my office is all screwy. It’s a nice change of pace from my routine, cool to play with the Marhsall side of the world, and love the instantly-’80s microtub a good way chorused sounds.

Code on the flange that starts with 05EC dates from March of ’95 if I’m not mistaken? I have played guitar into it, and it feels great.

Crisp and lively and electric. Log in Become a member.

Does anyone else here use one? Behringer, et aland hopefully without spending too much. I wanted to edit the title of my post to say things are on the right track but it wouldn’t let me edit the title.