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I will order replacement transistors for all but only replace those that need The 2SC’s are used in both the pre-amp and main amp, if that. Hi All, total noob here but wanted to confirm something before I actually start replacing these transistors on my Akai GXd. Local electronic. 2SC, NPN 2SC, 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor, buy 2SC

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2SC458 – 2SC458 NPN Low Frequency Transistor

Two low-noise devices may be very different in a given circuit. But for general repairs and something that is for background listening the is fine. Authorized servicer for virtually every brand on the planet at one time or another. I don’t know why they called the 2SC a low noise transistor since the noise contour map of the 2SC shows that it is much noisier than many transistors. I mentioned that replacement in the first response.

Yes they are the same. I went to a local Electronic store in order to change my 2sc trans Also I don’t think I will replace those 15 pcs of 2SCs in the tuner.

2SC, Tube 2SC; Röhre 2SC ID, Transistor

I have used NTE transistors in the past and they all worked fine. In terms of thethe transishor an ideal sub in almost all circuits I do know of one where it simply doesn’t work, and s are required where they were used. For transisto Saul Marantz loved to take advantage of semiconductor characteristics and would supply characterized devices as replacements.


You could invert the device pretending the emitter is the collector and the collector is the emitter and it would work with EXTREME limitations. ElectoneJul 17, The replacement will need to mechanically fit and will therefore be about the right size suggesting its power dissipation capabilities. Some devices are noisier than others, and this can be especially transisgor in certain circuits.

Or another place to get the s? Contact me thru a PM. It really depends on what you call a category so the list could be more but the idea is that a replacement, at least electrically, can more often than not be obtained from 2sd458 wide selection of transistors.

Last edited by Mark J; at You need to match up the power handling ability of the replacement. These include general usage, recording, playback, and service questions. And it also seem to be part of most “repair” kits you can buy on the internet for those machines.

Repaired many AKAIs using that replacement transistor. Need a Teac recapped? If you do not like NTE then use another sub. A couple more came in and then a post about NTE being ok when what they do is buy big loads of leftovers and relabel them.


2SC – 2SC NPN Low Frequency Transistor

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Transistors, where to buy?? All bad, no questions. Would you like to see your company or site here?

Are there any good versions of the 2SC458?

KSC is one that folks use, frequently. Even a well versed Technician regardless of education can put together a substitution of 4 to 6 parameters that are needed to find a replacement. Transistors gets too hot. The best version transistir is labeled KSCF. This will cause all sorts of pink noise and crackling.

I used KSC’s in my x with awesome results.

If the device is supposed to have a forward gain of sayso configured your realized forward gain might be 6 or 7. With all the information available via the interweb, I’ve rarely run into a situation in which I couldn’t find a reasonable sub from a higher-quality maker. I bought it at MCM I think.

It is not that hard. I can’t imagine a company will release a product transiator consistently does not work and still be in business a year later.

I have the ‘s that have the flat top and not the slant top ones.